meyy mey is melya

I go out seven nights a week
It feels so good to finally be free
And I party like I never did before
Oh, what in the world was I waiting for?
Everything is perfect now
Without you in my life
You can pick up all the pieces
That you left behind

I'll just tell myself
Girl forgive the past
No time for regrets
No more looking back
I'll forgive you more
Every single day
Every step I take
Is getting better

Monday, 4 July 2011


oke oke oke....
jgn tk percaye i pndai buat cupcakes.. PEEWITTTTT :D
act today bru blaja buat icing die..mmg la kan frst2 buat kurang santek....neve mind.. prctc make perfct taw taw :D rmmbe tht :)) frst rose tht i buat...rose ni tk ckup kembag act..hihih....mcm susa kan...klo buat slalu mmg senag gila act nk buat rose ni :) tapi oke la kan rupe rose i buat ni..ade sikit la rupe rose :D

yg ni cpckes kecik sikit :D nyum nyum :)) this one chcolate cpcakes....mmg nyum nyum :D

lame dah nk buat cpcakes+dcortion bagai ni...tapi mmg tk kesampaian lah kan....kbtulan cuty so...YEAY....dpt pon blja akhrnyeeee. :D so lpas ni u akn lbey rjen buat :D SUKEEE :))

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